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Brackley Laptop Repairs

Welcome to Brackley Laptop Repairs. We offer a friendly, fast and efficient repair service. If you are having problems or just need to speed up your computer please contact us. If you are considering purchasing another laptop, we offer quality refurbished laptops.



We supply  SSD or HDD hard drives pre-loaded with

Windows 10 Home or Professional or  

Windows 11 Home or Professional.


If you have windows installed but need a key we also supply keys for Windows 10 Home & Professional,

Windows 11 Home & Professional and  

Microsoft Office 2016, 2019 or 2021.

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Update your existing laptop

We can increase the speed of your laptop by replacing the HDD with an SSD and upgrading the memory.  Please ask for a quotation.


Installing more RAM may improve computer speed if you frequently use many programs or browsing tabs at once, or if you do memory-intensive tasks like gaming or Photoshop.


If you have a scratched, cracked or broken screen or digitiser don't discard your laptop, we can replace so that you have a new working laptop again.




Motherboard Replacement

There are many reasons that can warrant a motherboard upgrade. While motherboards are rarely changed, there comes a time when upgrading this crucial component becomes a necessity. Generally, upgrading the motherboard means a complete overhaul of your system as motherboard upgrade often requires a CPU upgrade as well. 


Telephone: 07841 289251

E-mail: stuart.harris7@yahoo.co.uk

Address: 31 Kingfisher Road, Brackley. NN13 6PP

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Hello and welcome to Brackley Laptop Repairs. We are based in Brackley Northamptonshire and have been trading for 5 years.

Stuart and I work as a team, he deals with the hardware side of the business and I deal with the software.  We enjoy communicating with our customers and the challenge of repairing and upgrading laptops.

Thanks for reading about us - we hope you enjoy browsing our site and look forward to helping you.



Brackley Laptop Repairs

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